The Club League table is compiled from competitors' best 6 scores in classic colour-coded events organised by SWOA clubs or nearby SCOA clubs. The minimum range of courses required is Brown, Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange and Yellow.

League events include:
a)  All SWOA Galoppens
b)  Traditional SWOA fixtures such as the WIM Winter Warmer, WSX Dorset Delight and other classic long-distance events
c)  SOC, BADO and BKO SCOL League events

Night events, Urban events, Sprint events, Middle distance events, Score events and Chasing Start events are not included.

National events (eg SOC November Classic) are included providing the results for numbered courses can be fairly calculated in a similar way to colour-coded results.

Scores are based on courses, not age classes. Points scored are the course winner’s time divided by the competitor’s time multiplied by 100. The course winner’s time is defined as the time taken by the first competitor running the correct colour or running up.

The colours laid down by British Orienteering for long distance courses are the basis for calculation. Colours are derived from Appendix B, Section 8.6 of the BO Rules of Orienteering, December 2016.

Where a colour is not offered, a competitor may run the next colour down without penalty. For example, a W50 finding no Short Blue can run Green for full points.

At larger events offering a full range of courses including Short Brown and Short Blue, competitors may run down one or two colours for a reduced points score. No score is given for running down three or more colours.
Exception: where the organising club specifies a short course as three colours below the equivalent long course. For example, if M60S is assigned Short Green.

At smaller events offering a traditional range of Brown, Blue and Green, competitors may run down one colour for a reduced score. No score is given for running down two or more colours.
Exception: Green competitors may run down on either Short Green or Light Green.

The reductions in calculated points for competitors choosing to run down are given in the table below. The maximum a competitor running down can score is the relevant multiplier x 100. For example, a Blue competitor opting for Green could score a maximum of 0.70 x 100 = 70 points.